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Laura Genender Posted:
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A call to artis, and EQOA fans everywhere! EQOA is looking for fan art, feel free to send in your best!

Do you have some fantastic fan art that you would like to show off to the world? If the answer is yes then we'd love to see it!


If you would like to submit your fan art, please send an 800x600 pixel copy to [email protected]. Please be sure include the following with your email:

Email Subject: EQOA Art Submission

Image Title: Provide a title for your image - (what do you call it, what is the theme?)

Artist Name: Choose to submit your community forum handle or character name (full character name is fine).

To help prevent any misunderstandings, please read Section 5. Submissions, Fan Fiction and Artwork, and Photographs in our Terms of Service.


Read more here.


Laura Genender