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Family FriendlySci-Fi MMO NEO 2045 Launching on September 23rd

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VR Realms announced that its family-friendly sci-fi action MMO, NEO 2045, will exit open beta and launch on PC and mobile on September 23rd. The game draws from various genres to create a kid-friendly free to play package.

NEO 2045 tells the story of Jax, a teen that beats a supposedly unbeatable game, only for that game's boss to escape into the real world ready to destroy all Earth, because he believes he's still in the game. This merely sets the stage, since Earth is left mostly destroyed and killer robots are unleashed on the world. An accident sends Jax and his crew on a space station through a rift, and that's where the MMO really starts. 

Promising an open world with minigame arenas, social and player realms, as well as a lot of player impact on the world, NEO 2045 draws its inspiration from several popular genres and makes them suitable for all ages. There will be terraforming, building structures, vehicles, and exploration, along with missions and challenges that go with the overall sci-fi storyline. The five social realms promise to be safe places for all to interact. Player realms are where the terraforming, creativity, gameplay, and challenges happen. The Game Maker included lets kids create their own games with tools that allow for different sized projects, from smaller minigames and single-player experiences to multiplayer challenges. Kids who make games in the editor can share them with others too. 

The overall options seem to draw from all kinds of fun and popular experiences in this kid-oriented game. These look to encourage exploration, teamwork, creativity, and different ways to have fun. Players can create together and defend Neo through missions, as well as play in multiplayer and esports challenges. Pet Battles, a card-based system where pets fight it out will also be in at launch. As with most free to play titles, there’s also plenty of customization included and coming too.

Find out more over at the NEO2045 site.



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