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Fallout 76's PTS Update Sees Players Confront Invaders From Beyond, Killer Robots

Invaders From Beyond

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As if dealing with a post-apocalyptic landscape upon emerging from your vault in Fallout 76, now players have to worry about otherworldly invaders getting in the way. The latest game update for the survival game is playable on the Public Test Server, giving a glimpse into the next update this weekend.

The upcoming Invaders from Beyond update should be playable today on the PTS, giving players the chance to check out the future update to Fallout 76 and provide any feedback before it hits the live game. The upcoming update sees, well, alien invaders threatening Appalachia and its up to players to stop the threat before it gets  out of control.

An alien mothership will be seen over a major location in Fallout 76 and send out Brainwave Siphons, which players will need to deal with. As a result, the Siphons will give players access to new tech advancements, alein weaponry to craft and more. 

In addition to the Invaders from Beyond content, Bethesda is testing some improvements to Fallout Worlds based on player feedback. One of the most requested topics seems to be the ability to carry progress over from both Public and Custom Fallout Worlds...erm...Worlds... to regular Adventure Mode, and it looks like Bethesda has been listening as this will be enabled with the latest update.

"One of the top Fallout Worlds requests that we see from the community is for progress in Public and Custom Worlds to also count toward Adventure Mode. We’re pleased to let you know that, with the Invaders from Beyond Update, you will be able to continue your Season journey by earning S.C.O.R.E. from any non-repeatable Daily and Weekly Challenges you complete in Public and Custom Worlds."

Finally, a new event that will see players take on waves of cobbled-together bots by the Rust Eagles faction will be playable on the PTS this round. While the Test Your Metal event will hit live servers after the Invaders From Beyond update, you can start to test your skills in the Rust Eagle Arena against the faction's robot army to earn rewards and more.

You can check out the full notes on the Fallout 76 website.


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