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Fallout 76's Latest Roadmap Teases World-Changing Content Plans for 2021

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In the latest Inside the Vault article, Bethesda divulges what’s coming to Fallout 76 in the latest roadmap for 2021. The upcoming features will change the game in exciting new ways, like S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts, legendary crafting, Legendary Power Armor, and they will introduce 4-Star Legendary items!

The seasonal roadmap covers just about everything that players can expect over the course of 2021. In the next update that is set to hit in Spring, Locked & Loaded will bring the new loadouts that Bethesda spoke about recently, in addition to the first Daily Ops expansion, and alternate C.A.M.P. slots.

When Summer rolls around, players will finally be able to craft legendary weapons in earnest, so players may want to start hoarding their legendary modules now. Legendary Power Armor will also be available, which will surely require that Bethesda give players more difficult enemies to battle to compensate for, what we expect, to be powerful armor pieces to what is already considered the most powerful type of armor.

Season 6 plans changes to Private Worlds. Fallout 1st members are probably pretty familiar with Private Worlds, and in the Fall, these worlds are going to change, but how? Bethesda plans to release more information on this in the near future, but players can make some educated guesses while we wait to hear more.

Lastly, in the winter, everything will change with a new tier of weapons and armor. 4-Star weapons and armor will be hitting the game, which will start the farming machine once again to obtain all-new weapons and armor. The team also teases a new Public Challenge, and a new seasonal event: The Ritual!

If you have questions and want to know more, check out the subreddit tomorrow at 11:30am EST and ask your questions in Fallout 76’s second AMA. Project Lead, Jeff Gardiner, and Design Director, Mark Tucker, will be on hand to answer anything. The AMA will run until 1:00pm EST. 

Fallout 76 has been on the rise after a shaky launch, with tons of new content added in 2020 and more on the way, it has now become one of the most played games on Xbox


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