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Fallout 76 - Use of Recently Added Mannequin Causes Players to Disconnect

Steven Weber Posted:
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Fallout 76 recently released their Locked and Loaded update, which introduced the long-awaited addition of loadouts to the game. Players were also excited about some of the changes to C.A.M.P.S. which included adding a second camp slot and a new display type, the mannequin, which allows players to display their outfits. Unfortunately, some players that have used the mannequin have found a game-breaking bug that results in repeated disconnects, to the point where they can’t manage to log in at all.

Community manager LadyDevann acknowledged the reports and stated that the team is currently looking into this issue.:

“Can you DM me your ticket number? We’re looking into these reports” -Devann McCarthy, Associate Community Manager, Bethesda Softworks

According to players that have experienced the problem, the disconnects happen in very specific cases where players have done the following:

  • Create multiple mannequins in your camp
  • Equip the same clothing to the mannequins
  • In many cases players report that multiples of a clothing set can be added to the same mannequin which is the inherent cause of the problem

Players that experience the issue get disconnected, and the disconnects will continue anytime they attempt to login to that character, whether they are on a public or private server. Nuclear Winter, however, will allow the player to login, at least in many of the cases reported on Reddit. The issue occurs regardless of whether you are on PC, PS4 or Xbox. 

This mannequin bug isn’t the only issue that players have experienced since the Locked and Loaded patch went live, but it is by far the most game breaking, as players that experience this issue can no longer log into their characters at all. LadyDevann has requested that players who experience the issue put in a ticket with Bethesda support, so that they can look into the underlying causes of the problem, and hopefully restore accounts as soon as possible.

Another major issue many players are reporting, has to do with enemies not respawning, or not showing up at all. Some of the major enemy hubs, like Whitesprings Golf Club and West Tek have been somewhat barren, as enemies have failed to respawn, turning Fallout 76's wasteland into... well, more of a wasteland. 

The Locked and Loaded update introduced a lot of new features to the game, including a new Daily Ops mission type called Decryption, and several new enemy mutations that have some players finding the encounters a little more difficult.  The recent issues are just a few more on the long list of bugs that continually cause havoc in Fallout 76, though after more than 3 years of crashes, duplication bugs and wacky encounters, the player base has largely learned to stop worrying and love the end of the world.


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