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Fallout 76 Update Discusses Test Server and More

Double XP weekend, too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent blog from the Fallout 76 team looks at PTS, an upcoming double XP weekend, and more.

Regarding PTS, changes should be live allowing players to test for Update 20. You’ll be able to test Public Teams, Legendary Perks, and the Colossal Problem event. Note that seasons will not be part of the PTS testing. Keep an eye out on the forums for any further PTS updates.

A double XP weekend is coming up. The event is set to last from June 4 at 12p ET through June 8 at 12p ET. As expected, you’ll be able to gain double XP for virtually any activity you perform and event in which you partake.

Other notes include an extension of the Fasnacht Parade. The extension will add another week to the event, which will now run through June 8. Finally, Bethesda makes mention of the charity drive to support UNICEF. You’ll be able to tune into Twitch every Wednesday from 1-2p ET to catch the stream and donate.


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