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Fallout 76 Update 26 Bringing New Additions to Daily Ops

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Inside the Vault for Fallout 76 shared some new details on its upcoming Update 26, including the changes for Daily Ops.

The new update is called Locked & Loaded and it includes quite a bit. The big update, of course, is Daily Ops. Daily Ops will look to include a new game mode, new locations, mutations, new enemy types, and new rewards.

The new mode is called Decryption Mode. Essentially, you’ll have to find and disable three radio interceptors. Find “code carriers” and defeat them to grab a special code. You use these codes to disable the radio interceptors. However, for each carrier you kill, you’ll have to take on waves of monsters. Eventually, this culminates in a boss fight.

New enemies include Scorched, Mothman Cultists, and Mole Miners to enemies you will now see in Daily Ops. These enemies will bring unique abilities which will challenge you including:

  • Toxic Blood: On death, enemies leave behind poisonous hazards.
  • Group Regeneration: Enemies emit an aura that heals other enemies in the area.
  • Swift Footed: Enemies have increased movement speed.

The team also issued a quick update about PTS. Basically, PTS now includes mannequins so you can display your new outfits. If you’re interested in trying out Update 26: Locked & Loaded, you can do so right now on PTS.

Elsewhere in Fallout 76, the team held an AMA late last month which covered off their roadmap. This included the spring update (Update 26), their summer update Steel Reign, the Fall Update, and the Winter update.

And it turns out that, despite the launch blunders, Fallout 76 is actually one of Xbox’s most played games according to Todd Howard. You can read about that here.


Poorna Shankar