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Fallout 76 To Receive Raid and New Battle Royale Map

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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At QuakeCon (via Kotaku), Bethesda revealed a new map for Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter, their Battle Royale mode, in addition to raids.

The Nuclear Winter map will draw influence from the existing player area called Morgantown. A departure from the current map which is far more rural, this new map will be more urban in nature. It’s set to arrive in September.

Additionally, a new raid set in Vault 94 is set to arrive sooner than the new Nuclear Winter map. The raid will include three missions rotating weekly and will support 4-player groups. Should you complete these missions, you will be rewarded with armor and social rewards.

Finally, Bethesda shared their roadmap for Summer 2019. Announced at E3, this Wastelanders update will include human NPCs. Dialogue with these NPCs will be more in line with the dialogue trees found in Fallout 3 instead of Fallout 4.


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