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Fallout 76 The Scribe of Avalon, New Season, QOL Updates, and More in Latest Inside the Vault Preview

Astoundingly Awesome Updates

Steven Weber Posted:
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Starting December 15th Fallout 76 is blasting out its new Season complete with a new Scoreboard entitled, “The Scribe of Avalon”. Players will follow along in a story straight out of Astoundingly Awesome Tales with historian K.D. Inkwell, as she looks into the technological advancements of the civilization of Avalon.

That is just the beginning as the Season 3 Scoreboard rewards will bring a ton of awesome cosmetics, as well as Perk Coins which will aid you in leveling up your legendary perks even faster. Quick behind the release of The Scribe of Avalon will be an update planned for January of 2021 that will introduce a lot of Quality of Life features that players have been asking for. Here is a short breakdown of what players can expect:

  • New Stash Increase to 1200 pounds (currently 800)
  • Item Stack Weight Details instead of Per-Item Weight Details
  • New Pip-Boy Tabs for New Items, Armor (Separate from Apparel) and Food/Drinks
  • Vending Machine Map Previews – See what legendaries a vendor has before traveling there!

Some holiday themed Scorched have also returned and will be killable from December 17th to January 4th. Be sure to get in game and receive your Holiday Gifts from them while you can.  While you wait for the new content, be sure to take advantage of the Double XP Weekend going on now, while you uncover the latest content, Fallout 76 Steel Dawn.


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