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Fallout 76 Stirs Player Backlash By Selling $7 Refrigerator

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Refrigerators are expensive. I've had to get close to 3 in a single calendar year thanks to issues buying used ones just to save a buck. But should digital fridges be expensive? Thanks to a new item sold in Fallout 76, that discussion has now been explored.

Fallout 76 is now selling a new food-saving fridge in game to 76 players. The catch? It's $7. You read that correctly. You can pay for the item using either 700 Atoms, Fallout 76's in-game currency, or by forking over 7 hard earned dollars. 

Naturally this has the player base a but upset, especially when you consider that it costs about the same price as the full Automatron DLC according to one redditor. Additionally, the fridge itself was originally a community suggestion, which has some up in arms. 

Another concern is that items that change or enhance gameplay shouldn't be sold within the Atom Shop, especially as many games, including Fallout 76have had to fight off accusations of being "pay to win." Some redditors feel these should be quest rewards, not purchasable items, as doing so breaks the "cosmetic-only" store promise.


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