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Fallout 76 Roadmap Introduces Seasons

Free progression, but you can also pay to progress

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fallout 76 has received a roadmap for the remainder of 2020 which introduces seasons.

In the coming months, Bethesda has big improvements on the horizon including a combat rebalance, in addition to rebalancing rewards. An overhaul to the Challenge system is also planned. But the big ticket item, it seems, is seasons.

Seasons arrive in Update 20. Everyone will be able to take part, it seems, as everyone will have the same progression path through the system for free. Each season will be themed, with this first season themed around a board game of sorts. You’ll have to complete in-game activities to accumulate points. These points will then help you rank up and progress on the board which unlocks a new reward.

Of course, Bethesda has a way to progress more quickly, and that’s in the form Atoms, the microtransaction currency. If you spend 150 Atoms, you’ll immediately unlock the subsequent rank and its reward. Bethesda notes you can do this for every rank, but you will have to buy each rank individually to do so. However, they do say that in the first two weeks of the season, this won’t be allowed.

You can learn more here.


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