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Fallout 76 Receives Buggy Patch, Players Desperate For Test Server

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fallout 76 received a patch on Tuesday meant to improve various in-game features, namely power armor related. However, it looks like it broke more than it fixed.

The patch notes list a host of changes and supposed improvements and fixes. But players are now reporting that this patch broke the very things it was meant to fix, such as power armor sets reportedly missing.

Another Reddit post states that Bethesda released the game unfinished, citing Todd Howard himself effectively admitting as much to IGN.

The post cites frustration with Bethesda seemingly ignoring community feedback, “My gripe isn't that you went the ‘Game's as a service’ route, but rather the fact you seem to ignore a lot of the feedback the community gives you. It reminds me of a certain other game to grace the market last year. Sea of Thieves, when Sot launched it had a plethora of negative reviews and backlash, but they managed to turn that around, while fallout... sadly hasn't.”

This culminated with the suggestion that such issues could be easily remedied if Bethesda implemented a test server, “Now one thing that could easily fix this would be a tester build of the game, similar to what Rare does with they're insider build. These programs give you direct feedback from the customer, while rewarding us with both a more polished update and a small prize for playing, maybe a few atoms every week? This system has shown to help games, and I would really like to see this game flourish with one.”

In fact, players on Bethesda’s own forums are also requesting a test server, “Hey dear Bethesdateam, i know you create these wonderful bug fixes and other content patches and testing them on your own. But we, the community got a lot of time and we are more people with different builds and interests. We could find more bugs and other broken stuff in less time. Give us a chance to be a bigger part in this game and let us work togather and test these patches with you before it hits the live-servers. After every patch the community finds a lot of "broken" stuff in just a few minutes / hours. We could prevent those things.”


Poorna Shankar