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Fallout 76 PTS Update Delayed Due To Austin's Severe Weather

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Austin, and the rest of Texas along with much of the United States has been experiencing some historically severe weather the last 48 hours, and naturally it's going to disrupt a few things. One of the industries disrupted by the weather is the gaming world, as Fallou 76's upcoming PTS patch has been delayed due to weather.

In a series of tweets by Jeff Gardiner, the Project Lead of  Fallout 76, he details the cause of the delay, as much of the team that works on the Fallout survival game are based in Austin, TX. 

"The weather in Austin, Texas (where most of our game is made and supported,) has caused most of the devs to scramble as they've lost power, had burst pipes, and are dealing with historic cold weather in a city that isn't built to handle it," Gardiner tweeted earlier today. 

As such, due to the weather the PTS update will be delayed even further, according to Gardiner. Additionally, the "Inside the Vault" development series can also be expected to be delayed due to the incliment weather. 

Fallout 76 isn't the only game being affected by the severe weather, as Star Wars: The Old Republic also had to delay the scheduled maintenance for Game Update 6.2.1 earlier today, as well as warned players that reaching support teams will likely be delayed as a result of the weather.


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