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Fallout 76 PTS to Reopen April 30

Bethesda wants to use PTS more

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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In a recent post, Bethesda touch on Private Test Servers (PTS) for Fallout 76 and their desire to use them more.

The team states that they wish to use PTS for additional patches in the future. To that end, they are looking to reopen PTS on April 30. This is to gather community feedback for an update planned for May.

“This will provide a couple of weeks of play testing time so that those of you who are interested can share your thoughts and bug reports with us before the patch goes live. As with Wastelanders, your participation will help us get a head start on any needed improvements or fixes.”

This specific play test will be by invite-only and as such, not open to the masses. Additionally, it’s important to note that this next round of testing will be under NDA. If you still want to sign up, Bethesda will open signups shortly and announce their opening. If you were part of the playtesting for Wastelanders, Bethesda notes that you won’t have to sign up for this round. You should be all set.

The rest of the update discussed the community calendar which features some community events throughout the remainder of April and into May. Take a look here.


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