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Fallout 76 Players Reporting Issues With New Subscription Scrapboxes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fallout 76 players who have taken Bethesda up on their new subscription plan for the survival game have found themselves with a bit of an issue. Apparently, one of the items found in the subscription - the scrapbox - is a bit bugged, with players reporting on Reddit that using the box can result in losing all your items stored within.

According to Redditors on the Fallout 76 subreddit, this bug is happening specifically when storing items in the box on their own personal server, transferring to another players private server and accessing the box there. Multiple players have reported all the items in their boxes as simply gone, whether they access it back on their own private server or through another player's scrap box.

The original posted on the Fallout 76 thread mentions filling their box with scrap before hopping into another player's server to do some trade. However, when they went to mod a weapon, they found they had no scrap to do so. Thinking that they needed to grab the scrap from the box, they went back only to find it all gone. Transferring servers apparently didn't help either as the box was empty back on their own private server.

Other players have reported similar issues in the comments, with one player saying that the Reddit thread made them check if it happened to them, and turns out all their stuff is gone too. Another mentioned their friend lost all their vault steel after weeks of grinding.

As of right now the OP has reached out to Bethesda's support and they are apparently looking into their issue, but for those who spent the money looking forward to using the scrapbox, I'd caution putting anything of value in there for the time being until Bethesda publicly addresses the issue and provides a potential fix.


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