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Fallout 76 January Updates Detail Wastelanders Private Test Server

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bethesda has provided some information on test servers for their Wastelanders update for Fallout 76.

If you recall, Wastelanders was delayed into 2020 (oh hey, that’s this year). They previously shared info about the new area which would be included. This update revolves around private test servers. You can sign up for them now here.

The opt in period will end on January 14 at 6p ET. January 17 will see the beginning selection of “a few hundred” of those who signed up. The test servers will only be available on PC, and an NDA must be agreed to.

A patch is incoming to prep for the update, with the patch arriving on January 14,

“This patch may seem minor since it will not contain many gameplay adjustments for the current version of Fallout 76, but it is necessary prep work. It will include a few fixes for some cosmetic items that we managed to squeeze in, since doing so did not affect our ongoing work on Wastelanders content. This patch will require some downtime on Tuesday, and we will be providing patch notes, but we wanted to let you know that the list of changes will be shorter than usual. Wastelanders will not only contain new content for you to explore and conquer, but it will also include many fixes and improvements for issues that currently exist in the base game. Additionally, in patches that follow we plan to return to the larger updates that you’ve come to expect.”

So there you go. Check out the full update here if interested.


Poorna Shankar