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Fallout 76 is indeed an MMORPG, and it sounds pretty great!

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Falllout 76 will take you to West Virginia, where you'll work with and against other survivors in a fresh wasteland. It's the biggest one yet, and 4 times the size of Fallout 4. You've got to rebuild the world and America after the fallout, but as a prequel, it's probably expected things won't be easy...

You were expected to spend 25 years underground, and on Reclamation Day, you were to go back above ground and start life anew. You wake in Vault 76 after the Reclamation party, and find the vault emptied already. As you leave the vault, the sun burns your eyes. You're greeting by a beautiful, but hauntingly ruined world.

All new rendering, lighting, landscape tech. Sixteen times the detail of FO4's visuals. The Overseer sends you across 6 distinct regions with styles, risks, and rewards unique to each. Folklore of WV is actually in the game - beware the Beast of Grafton, for example.

But the big difference? It's an MMORPG. BOOM. Fallout 76 is an entirely online game. They're calling it Softcorew Survival. No losing progress when you 

To be fair, Todd also said that while you won't see a list of servers, presumably because it's using the megaserver tech of ESO, but there'll only be dozens of people in the 6 regions, not hundreds as in ESO. It is the apocalypse after all. 

You can go solo, quest, kill, loot, progress the story. But you can also build, make clans, build whatever wherever (a la Rust, Conan, etc.). Camps can be assaulted, they can be destroyed, but they can always be rebuilt too.

There are tons of nuclear weapon sites across the map, where players can fight over the armaments and use them (or not). You won't always have the full code either, but may have to work with others to figure out what to do with the nukes. You can target places, from friends to enemies, but the fallout after means you charge in with power armor and get some killer resources if you can handle the heat.

It's 100% dedicated servers too, no player-run ones. Years of planned content, and a beta is coming SOON (tm). And of course, you can pre-order the Collector's Edition now with a glow in the dark map of the WV game world. Oh, and a kickass Power Armor helmet. It's wearable

It's all coming out THIS YEAR, on November 14th!


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