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Fallout 76 Hackers Are Now Able To Loot Players at 200 Meters

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember how hackers and modders added NPCs to Fallout 76 before Bethesda could do so with their delayed Wastelanders update? Yeah. They’re back.

This time, those same hackers are about to loot players’ loot. The info comes way of Reddit with OP u/TKsMantis describing the impending attack thusly,

“I had covered the hacks in a video a few days prior. Speaking about how ridiculous it was that these things were spawned in. Human NPCs and Prydwen. I was then contacted by the guy who hosts the video of the hacks. He gave me some info, and that was that. This morning I woke up to messages about this ERECTban guy and his new hack. A player inventory hack, allowing people who use it to pretty much treat other players like a container and loot them. One of the guys even warned my Discord to stay off adventure mode.”

TKsMantis was then forwarded additional info confirming the attack:

  • Trades are not needed (they are only added to show transfer took place)
  • You can do this hack within 200m of a player, and you don't need to see them
  • Pipboy is taken because it is technically an item

TKsMantis posted several updates with the most recent one as of this writing containing a video wherein he was able to summarize all the information he had received about the attacks. According to this post, Bethesda is aware of the issue and are, “working on it.” TKsMantis then confirmed that the hack is indeed live.



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