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Fallout 76 Gives Brief History Lesson On The Brotherhood Of Steel In New Video

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a recent tweet, Fallout 76 is helping players brush up on their history of the Wasteland as they lead up to next week's launch of The Brotherhood of Steel. The video, which is 8 minutes long, showcases the history of the Brotherhood and the events leading them to where they are now.

Rising from the ashes of the...erm...Fallout of nuclear armageddon, The Brotherhood of Steel is a military order formed originally from members of the US armed forces, stemming from deserted members of the military under the command of Roger Maxon,  as well as soldiers and survivors that trickled into Lt Elizabeth Taggerdy's base in Camp Venture in Appalachia.

The video, which is shot and presented like a documentary of sorts, details Elizabeth Taggerdy's Appalachia chapter of the Brotherhood, its formation and some of its early moves to where it is today. It's an interesting look at one of themore prominent factions in the Fallout universe and sets the stage for their inclusion in Fallout 76 on December 1st. 

Recently, Bethesda shared an earlier trailer for the upcoming Steel Dawn update, showcasing the Brotherhood and Paladin Rahmani as the update comes free for all Fallout players next week.


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