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Fallout 76 Data Miner Finds and Reports Exploits to Bethesda, Gets Banned, Cannot Cancel Fallout 1st Sub

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A data miner who mined Fallout 76 for bugs and exploits in a project called Map76 and then reported these exploits to Bethesda has been banned from the game, with Bethesda refusing to cancel or refund his Fallout 1st subscription.

It appears the Bethesda will not respond to any of his support requests either,

“I have dedicate a lot of time and resources to this game and making tools. This map is just one tool of many. I am in a group of data miners that mine the game and who find and report exploits and bugs. An exploit was leaked about a month ago on an obscure forum. We discovered it, tested to make sure it was real, and reported it directly to the community managers. Our accounts that we used to verify the exploit were promptly banned. We have been contacting support explaining that we are the ones who discovered and reported it, but have not gotten a response. This has been going on for weeks now.”

The data miner is clearly frustrated and exasperated that Bethesda won’t even cancel or refund his Fallout 1st sub,

“I tried to cancel and get a refund for my Fallout 1st membership because it is not what was promised, from stash boxes losing junk, private worlds not being private at all, the Survival tent randomly disappearing, and none of the promised Atom shop discounts. So far, they are just ignoring my requests.”

This comes off recent news of Bethesda being forced to issue some refunds in Australia for consumers there, and Fallout 1st being broken upon launch.


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