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Fallout 76 Changes Incoming for Scorchbeasts & Devs Seek Input on All Enemies

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Fallout 76 blog has been updated with a forward look at changes coming to Scorchbeasts and the Scorchbeast Queen. Most notably, Sonic Scream frequency will be reduced and the Scorchbeast Queen will feature better loot across a wider variety of items.

In addition, the developers are looking for community feedback regarding all creatures and monsters players meet in the game world. In particular, the team is looking for input on the following questions:

  • Which enemies are currently your favorites to fight? Why?
  • Which enemies do you currently dislike encountering? Why?
  • What makes an encounter with an enemy or creature fun or intriguing to you?
  • What types of enemies would you like to see added to Fallout 76 in the future? Why?
  • Other than legendary items, what types of loot help a fight feel rewarding to you?
  • Would you like to see more challenging enemies added in the future, that may require multiple players or a team to defeat? Why?

Check out the Fallout 76 site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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