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Fallen Earth is Coming Back as a Completely Free to Play Classic Version

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Two years after going offline and shutting down, Fallen Earth  is coming back. Matthew Scott, the CEO of Little Orbit posted on Twitter recently and then made a forum post with a formal confirmation that Fallen Earth Classic will be coming. 

So what can you expect from Fallen Earth Classic? Well it’s going to be a fresh start, with everything completely wiped.  Fallen Earth Classic  will let everyone come back and play the whole adventure from scratch. Some people have noticed that a few things  are actually working now but there’s no date yet for a full launch. However, Little Orbit will make an announcement when it does work.

Scott also confirmed that there were major issues with hosting the game before, and he acknowledges that those issues are still there in some form. However, they’ve been working on getting the game back and are figuring out how to make that happen, so they are trying to find a more stable solution. This is one reason why it will only work with a complete wipe and everyone having to start over.

While confirming that this is still an experiment and development could go in different ways, the other thing Scott announced is that there will be no paid options and this Fallen Earth Classic wouldlaunch as a completely free to play game. There won’t be an online shop to buy things from and there could be some older previously subscription-only rewards turned on for everyone. While this is an early announcement, it seems like progress has been made so far as the forum post says, “We are now at the very late stages of getting the servers back online“.

For more, you can see this post confirming the existence of Fallen Earth Classic and details on the development so far.


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