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Fallen Earth is Back With Improved Servers as a Gift to the Community

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Just days after confirming that Fallen Earth would be back in a classic edition, with wiped servers and a clean database, the game is now live again. While the Little Orbit team continues work on a full-fledged Fallen Earth reboot, they've decided to go ahead and back the old game for the community to enjoy right now.

CEO Matt Scott addresses the community's requests to have the game back after the servers went offline in 2019. Sometimes, he says they "often want to learn more about our reboot, [but] half the time they tell us how much they miss the old experience". So, for now while the reboot is still under active development, everyone that wants to get back into the post-apocalyptic MMO can go ahead and do that. The classic servers will be completely free to play with no shop, fitting the described intent to release it as a gift to the community while the team works on the reboot. In other words, everything in the game is open to access and if you take a new journey through the wastelands, there won’t be microtransactions. Scott recently also mentioned the idea that they might even unlock some of the previously gated bonuses to enjoy. 

Once concern that didn't go unnoticed relates to the previous server instability, but Little Orbit has released this clean slate classic edition with upgraded servers. With an extensive database of items, crafting, and previous attacks and duplication errors hogging resources, the original servers couldn’t hold up. Losing all of the prior progression will disappoint some, but having a clean start helps the servers too. If that’s the cost of getting the game back up and running, let’s see who’s jumping back in.

For more on the release, including how to download and access Fallen Earth, see this official announcement.


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