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Fair Play Rules Detailed In The Latest Newsletter

Catherine Daro Posted:
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The latest H1Z1: King of the Kill producer's newsletter has been published on the official site to discuss some of the behind-the-scenes changes being made to rules to ensure basic fair play. 

Some of the discussed topics are:

  • Bot & third party applications detection
  • "Teaming" detection - i.e. players working together against an opponent rather than adhering to the spirit of "Last Man Standing"
  • "Twitch or Stream Sniping" - i.e. using a live-streamer's broadcast to gain an advantage over opponents
  • Dealing with toxic behaviour
  • 10 second Log Out Timer
  • Implementation of regional servers
  • Penalties for players with poor connections and latency issues

There is an escalating system of penalties applied based on the length of time you go with a poor connection.  Level 1 simply locks your weapon.  This is usually brief if you normally have a stable connection, could just be a minor interruption.  Level 2 kicks in if you are continuing to play with a bad connection, and it will freeze your character in place and lock your weapon.  Level 3 will get triggered if you ignore the previous warnings, and it is a combination of the previous two levels and then will also kick you out of a vehicle if you are currently driving one. 

You can read more details about each of the sections plus when the next update will be deployed by visiting the H1Z1: King of the Kill site.



Catherine Daro