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Fae Yule Returns to Rift in Latest Patch

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Fae Yule returns to Rift in the latest patch, along with tweaks to several classes.

Helping out the fae will grant you Dark Icicles and Unique Snowflakes. You can then use these to grab seasonal items from the RIFT store. Here are the rest of the patch notes

Quests and Achievements:

  • Reduced the number of cosmic particles required for Eternal Weapon Upgrades and related achievements.

Mage - Pyromancer:

  • Pyromancer’s Blessing – Increased passive buff to fire damage by 1% per point spent in the soul.
  • Legendary Fusillade – Increased passive buff to Cinderburst by 5%.

Mage - Harbinger:

  • Legendary Vengeful Shock – Ability is now marked as a Primary Bolt.
  • Rising Storm – Increased passive buff by 1% per point spent in the soul.
  • Lucent Slash – Increased ability damage.
  • Legendary Empyrean Ascension - Increased passive boost to slashing damage to 115%.
  • Rending Slash - Debuff now increases Mage’s slashing damage on the enemy by 18%.

Mage - Warlock:

  • Atrophy – Increased damage per tick.
  • Defile – Increased damage per tick.
  • Death’s Door – Increased damage per tick.
  • Dark Touch – Increased damage per tick.
  • Legendary Life Leech – Increased damage per tick.
  • Life Leech – Increased damage per tick.
  • Legendary Void Barrage - Increased passive boost to damage over time abilities to 65%.

Cleric - Inquisitor:

  • Aggressive Inquisition – Reduced cooldown to 30 seconds.
  • Mental Resilience – Increased duration to 60 seconds.
  • Bolt of Depravity – Increased damage.
  • Scourge – Increased damage per tick.
  • Vex – Increased damage per tick.
  • Sanction Heretic – Increased damage per tick.
  • Legendary Radical Coalescence - Increased passive boost to damage over time and bolt abilities to 65%.
  • Legendary Radical Coalescence - Increases the damage of Nysyr's Rebuke while active. (PvE only)
  • Nysyr's Rebuke - Increased damage per tick.

Additionally: Battle Pass Season 2 will end on the 16th of January:


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