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Fae Farm Skies of Azoria Update is Live Now

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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The second major update to hit Fae Farm, Skies of Azoria,  is now live, bringing players to a new realm high in the skies and new content for all to enjoy. 

To set things off, we will receive a letter that comes with a few seeds, and once we grow those seeds we will find ourselves within Windwaven, a new town in the center of Skyvale. Skyvale is the central hub for all of the new content, bringing new quests and new townsfolk to befriend. 

Star Vaults are one of the new activities to enjoy in the latest update, which are sort of like dungeons but with a more explorative element as fans requested. These Star Vaults will open up daily, and some will be easy to find, while others might take a bit of searching through clues to locate the entrance.  Players will find puzzles that are said to test your mind, spells, might, and skills as you make your way through the dungeons each day, and find heft rewards within the Fallen Stars. 

There are also new crops to discover and raise from the ground up, new potions to brew for even more power, and new outfits to walk around Skyvale in style.


Sam Plaisance