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Faction Changes & Additions in the Wonderland Expansion

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Perfect World International developer blog has been published ahead of the release of the Wonderland expansion. This time, devs spend a bit of time introducing players to forthcoming changes and additions to the faction system with particular regard to Faction Bases and Trials.

Players will find three new resources in Wonderland: Chivalry Points, Loyalty Points and the Loyalty Fund. Chivalry Points are individual contributions to the facation. Loyalty points open up Faction instances and how many levels can be completed. The Loyalty Fund is used to activate Faction Talents. Faction Talents are spread across eight levels and offer members several boons including mounted speed increases, emergency mail, exp and stat boosts and more.

Factions will also gain access to pets, uniforms and Base Trials.

You can read the details by visiting the Perfect World International site.


Suzie Ford

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