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Facing Imminent Closure

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Earth Eternal, the browser based game from Sparkplay, is facing closure unless devs can find a buyer at an auction. CEO Matt Mihaly has penned a letter to EE fans and players. "Sparkplay has hit hard times and is not going to survive. I had to lay off all of our staff except for two people (one of which is me) on Friday, and it’s likely that by this time next week neither of us will be with Sparkplay any more either. The simple fact is that we’ve run out of money." Mihaly writes.

Earth Eternal will be auctioned but if no provider is found, the game will be shut down by the host for non-payment on the EE account. Mihaly has suspended credits purchases for players and everything in the cash shop is now free "so that everyone can have some fun".

Mihaly speaks to how hard he and his team worked but bemoans the fact that things they wanted to do didn't happen and things they didn't want to happen did. But Mihaly accepts the blame squarely.

Read the entire letter at the Earth Eternal site.


Suzie Ford

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