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F2P Mystery Dungeon RPG DragonFang Heading to Steam February 3

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A remake of the F2P mystery dungeon RPG, DragonFang, is headed to Steam on February 3.

A few launch events are planned, according to the press release. The first runs from February 3 through March 1. Log in 14 days during the period to receive free emeralds (in-game money), emerald stars and a SR or better guaranteed summon ticket. Login does not need to be on consecutive days.

The second event runs from February 3 through February 10. During the period, when you receive bonus emeralds from buying an emerald pack, the free emerald amount is doubled.

If you’re unfamiliar with DragonFang, the game is described as a fantasy rogue-like RPG. You’ll be able to adventure in randomly generated dungeons. Each step of the way, you can take time to analyze the situation and decide the best action from using the items you picked up, use the powerful charged skills of the monster fangs you equipped, attack or even run away to a better position.


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