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Extensive Elyon Update Brings the Archer, Class Rebalances, and New Realm vs Realm Content

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Elyon gets its first new class in the Archer, which joins the game in today's update, but the update itself is extensive, adding a new dimensional portal, a new advanced difficulty level for the Ignus the Pyro raid, and scrapping Realm War for new Realm vs. Realm content. 

The Archer is here and has the longest range of any class. Archers can also detect stealth enemies through perception, but must remain at a distance because their damage drops the closer they are to their targets. If they remain at a distance, they can also effectively drain a target's energy. 

There is an event intended to help people who want to create a new Archer that will last through January 26th and offer achievements, rewards, a title, and even skins should you level an Archer up. All classes have been given a max HP boost of 35% and classes have been rebalanced with a mix of changes to each. Due to the class rebalance, there's an additional event intended to help everyone recalibrate their characters with daily rewards to help you. 

Realm versus Realm content is here, with Realm War now unavailable. You can exchange any medals until the February 2nd maintenance.

This content is split into several types. Locked supply boxes will appear for five minutes. If your realm can destroy the box and hold off the other realm’s players and sweepers, there will be rewards for some. In a second type, you’ll see crashed transport ships begin to appear, with a system message alerting all to their location. Get there and prepare to represent your realm. Defeat the other realm’s guard captain and a ship merchant will appear. War Beacons are also going to appear in the same way. Occupy them for your realm and hold onto them. If you manage 5, 15, or 30 minutes, a merchant will appear for each of time milestones, featuring different potential rewards. But be on guard, because if the merchant appears and you lose the beacon, it will leave.

Given the nature of this update and the continued promise of more RvR  content, drop rates and the type of loot that will drop in certain areas has been changed. All basic drop rates in the open world have been increased by five times. The Blessed Laurel Wreath has been removed, while you can still exchange them for items. Drop rates of Epic and legendary equipment in the open world have been changed to equal having a wreath active for one or two hours of grinding content. 

For the full details on what is an extensive patch, see the update notes over at Elyon.


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