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Explosive Article Digs Deep Into Star Citizen Fundraising & Development

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Forbes has published an explosive new investigatory piece about Chris Roberts, Star Citizen, and about questions that continue to fly about where the $300M raised has gone over the course of the game's development. The article delves into Roberts' past as a game developer and explores the fanbase that supports him in his work with Star Citizen. "This is not fraud -- Roberts really is working on a game -- but it is incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale," the piece declares.

The article contains thoughts from as many as twenty former Cloud Imperium employees, "many of whom depict Roberts as a micromanager and a poor steward of resources". 

The heedless waste is fueled by easy money raised through crowdfunding, a Wild West territory nearly free of regulators and rules. Creatives are in charge here, not profit-driven bean counters or deadline-enforcing suits. Federal bureaucrats and state lawyers have intervened only in a few egregious situations where there was little effort to make good and a lot of the money was pocketed by the promoters. Many high-profile crowdfunded projects, like the Pebble smartwatch ($43.4 million raised) and the Ouya video game console ($8.6 million), have failed miserably. 

Subsequent portions of the article discuss Roberts' constant need to fundraise as the company "burns through money" and about the partial transparency about where money has gone. 

It's a fascinating piece that is well worth the time to read. You can do so over at Forbes. Leave us your thoughts in this comment thread or over in this thread started by rpmcmurphy.


Suzie Ford

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