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Explore the Dangerous Regions of Vardoran in Vampire Survival Game V Rising

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After recently entering closed beta,  developers of the upcoming vampire survival game V Rising, Stunlock Studios, is now revealing some more about what we can expect. The latest dev update reveals the continent of Vardoran, the setting for V Rising.

The continent consists of four regions, the Silverlight Hills, the Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, and the Cursed Forest. The northernmost part of the region is the Cursed Forest, the Dunley Farmlands Is under that and is the human stronghold. to the left are the Silverlight Hills, and down below all of this on the southern end of the continent are the far Bane Woods.

Since you'll awaken as a new vampire, exploration will be key and the team says they crafted the world with consideration for the overall Gothic themes of the survival game. The world is designed to feel like it revels in mystery. Cruelty and danger are part of this world, and with your potential for growth in your new form, you’ll come up against just that. The Farbane Woods are known for the monsters and creatures that lie within, but also as a place where the old vampires had their final holdout, at the site of their civilization. You will awaken here in the game and conveniently find your first prey with the Bandit faction.

The Dunley Farmlands is a place of life, filled with humans who have settled there, livestock, and crops. Yet there are also dangerous and mysterious elements left there too. Including forces of the local church and a militia. The Cursed Forest is also a place of deep mystery and history as well as rituals. with rumors that this was where Dracula's loyalists tried to revive him. The forest is thick and corrupted, so you'll find no shortage of what the team calls the blurred boundary between life and death. Expect undead, spirits, dark witches, and much more.

The Silverlight Hills are another human dominated location where their seat of power is located, and the home of the Church. Since the hills are full of silver, it was a way of fighting back against the vampires before.

These are the regions of the setting and will be what you can expect during Early Access. There's a lot more detail in the dev blog that you can read about and prepare to immerse yourself in this dangerous and mysterious world. You can read that over at V Rising



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