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Explore Dangerous, Varied Terrain as Fractured Online Opens its Closed Beta Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The closed beta for Fractured Online is now live for those who have purchased a Founder's Pack for the game.

You’ll be able to explore the recently unveiled continent of Aerhen, with its number of new enemies to encounter and various environmental challenges too. Whether it’s snow, a volcano,  or torrential storms, expect there to be various creatures waiting for you in the different biomes. On this continent, the tundra might be the simplest to navigate because it  mostly has stable weather. 

The Fractured Online team also emphasizes exploration in the isometric, open-world MMORPG.  Between the lands and the promise that this continent is resource-rich, which makes it worth exploring even with  all of its challenges. There are also mysterious temples around the lands to explore and discover what awaits you inside. 

During the closed beta, the servers are running 24 hours a day for the first time, except during downtime and updates and the team will also be holding events across multiple channels, including their official social media, in game, and Discord.  They haven't announced how this will work yet, but if you join the beta, you should hear about that very soon.

Building upon the idea that player decisions should drive their journeys in an MMO, Fractured Online has been designed for what Dynamight Studios says is bringing meaning back into player decisions. From the race you play to the way you decide what to learn and how to create the build you want, player actions and decisions are at the core of everything about the game. The player-driven economy, setting up and building towns, an alignment system, and more, there is something for many types of players.

Closed beta access is currently open to those who have backed the game at certain tiers during its Kickstarter campaign or those that buy a Founder’s Pack.

For more, see the official announcement at Fractured Online.


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