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Explore and Befriend Historically-Inspired Phantoms in Noah's Heart, Out Today

The followup to Dragon Raja

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Noah's Heart is an open-world sci-fi MMO and it is officially launching today in North America and Europe on mobile and PC. The game is a followup to its predecessor, Dragon Raja, and is developed and released by Archosaur Games and Famous Heart Limited. So if you’re familiar with Dragon Raja, you should have some insight on the style to expect here.

Noah’s Heart doesn't feature traditional classes, instead prompting you to choose a weapon to start and that will determine your loadout and skills at first. There will be many opportunities later to customize your loadouts and your weapons so you don't have to be stuck in any one style.

One thing you might notice from watching the launch trailer for the game is the influence of famous historical figures on the characters and allies you may meet. Heroes named after Darwin, Shakespeare, Bach, and others are highlighted. These historically inspired figures will also help you throughout your journey in the form of the dozens of Phantoms you can meet and recruit.  

In fact, these historically-inspired Phantoms are key in the game as you will be able to find them, recruit them, and build lasting bonds with them in order to work together in combat as well as out as the game progresses and your journey continues. This means that you don't have to take on challenges alone and you have options. 

There's an emphasis on exploration and social experiences, with dungeons to take on, Guild contests, and even player housing and a chance to visit your friends' homes. The world, the planet Noah of the title, is designed to be easy to explore and without borders or barriers. 

The open-world will let you interact with other players and you should be able to navigate the entire terrain simply by walking around and exploring. However, you'll also be able to get the opportunity to use a horse, a boat, and perhaps even a jetpack. 

There are launch specials, including a way to get some starter materials, customization options, and a legendary Phantom, Shirley.

For more, head to Noah’s Heart.


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