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Explore a Post-Apocalyptic Water-Covered Earth in Age of Water, Which Will Begin Closed Beta Soon

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What would you do if the world were covered in water?  Age of Water will give you the chance to find out what it's like, almost like being in the film Waterworld. This upcoming  adventure MMO set on a post-apocalyptic Earth covered in water is starting its closed beta soon.

The game, which is in development from Three Whales Studio, looks to combine adventure, MMO, survival and building, and other related elements. The premise sees this water-covered Earth as a place where people are trying to get by. Those who survive live on high-rise buildings and other high places.

Boats are key, and the open-world game will offer the chance to build a number of different types and customize them. Customization will be about look and feel, but also kitting out your boat for survival too, as you can add weapons, armor, and other gear. Depending on what your goals are, you can recruit a crew and set sail to explore, complete quests, and make discoveries. 

Naturally, in this kind of survival environment, there will be ways to build what you need, including your own hideout. Your base will be a home but also your place of production and strategic planning, so this will also be an important element. 

You and your crew, once you have one, can go exploring and even looking out for others who might attack or try to engage in some piracy, but you can also be that challenger and go full-on pirate. Players will be able to attack others outside of safe zones. So there will be room to decide just what kind of life awaits you and your crew in this world. Closed beta will begin sometime this summer, and you can apply to be a tester (on PC) on the Age of Water site. The team will announce a start date and begin sending out invites soon.

You can find out much more about Age of Water and apply to test over at the official site.


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