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Experience & Leveling Removed

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Facepunch Studios' Maurino Berry has penned a new blog post on the Rust site to let players know that experience and leveling have been entirely removed from the same due to the fact that it "completely changed the feel of Rust". The team felt that the system itself was unsustainable going forward.

So I’ve done my best to combine the best of both worlds with the component system. Here’s what you need to know:

  • No more locked items, no more blueprints, everything craftable from the start
  • Items beyond basics (bow/burlap/furnace/eoka etc) require some kind of component
  • Components are items which are uncraftable and only found in the world
  • Radiation is back (albeit in a minor fashion)
  • North/South division is NOT a thing (yet)

The blog goes on to lay out more information about:

  • the Recycler Refresher that allows players to "throw any item in" and have 50% of the components returned
  • radiation has been reprogrammed so that each zone has a radiation level ranging from Minor to High and that will require players to dress accordingly
  • junk piles have been added to encourage exploration  and that offer a chance at finding cool stuff
  • loot scaling that increases respawn after 100 players is reached
  • performance issues have been addressed
  • melee tools are undergoing an overhaul
  • no more fog of war
  • a new version of the Workshop is now live
  • the skins approval process has changed
  • Hazmat suits are close to being released
  • networking fixes are incoming

There are a lot of more minor pieces of information on the very comprehensive blog, so head to the Rust site to check it out.


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