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Expect Your Ashes of Creation Progress to be Wiped Between Test Phases

Bye, Bye, Bye

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Are you planning on being in the Ashes of Creation playtests? Well, you should expect your progress to be wiped between test sessions.

This information arrived in a forum post as a response to a community member inquiring about purchasing the alpha test bundle for the test from April through May this year. In short, characters and progress will be wiped between tests,

“Definitely expect for your characters and progress to be wiped multiple times throughout testing and between test phases - this will likely be due to the continuous updates and progress we'll be making!”

The reply continues, pointing to which bundles provide you access to which tests,

“To clarify, the packs currently available in our shop get you access to our upcoming Alpha Two test phase at the earliest. You can keep an eye on our helpful knowledge base article here for our latest plans on test dates!”

If you missed it, Steven Sharif recently discussed opening up Alpha 1 sales again. Read about that here.


Poorna Shankar