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Keith Cross Posted:
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New Game World has announced the release of the Dmitron Expansion for Savage Eden. The expansion offers new items, quests, and monsters, as well as new skills and new areas to explore.

New Game World has announced the immediate release of the Dmitron Expansion for its popular Massively Multiplayer Online game Savage Eden developed by T Entertainment Corp. "This Dmitron Expansion is the exciting culmination of two years of development work by T-Entertainment and New Game World, demonstrating the teams commitment to our network of gamers", said Edward Andercheck, New Game World, Inc., Chairman, "We believe the Dmitron Expansion brings Savage Eden to an entirely new level of game play, with new challenges and opportunities to engage the players creativity".

Savage Eden's Dmitron Expansion introduces a new world and dungeon system, including fully updated game play, great new features and lots of new artwork. There are new quests, new challenges and better tools to engage the enemy with. Players can take on new roles as venders, or merchants. New guild, party and locator communications tools will launch players in this exciting expansion to both the Land of Eden and Foretold Strife universes.

Learn more about Savage Eden here.


Keith Cross