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Neilie Johnson Posted:
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As of this week, OGPlanet's fanciful MMO Tales Runner is available via Steam.

Features of the unique, racing-centric game include:

  • Famous Fairy Tale Maps: Race through tracks based on your favorite Fairy Tales such as Jack & the Bean Stalk, Alice in Wonderland and many more.
  • Intense PvP: Compete in PvP racing with up to 20 players in various game modes such as Relay, Co-Op, Team or Survival Mode.
  • Challenging PvE: Play against magical enemies and confront epic bosses from legendary tales.
  • Social: Invite your friends to your farm where you can raise your pet and grow crops to sell.
  • Animal Racing: Raise and train pets, then challenge your friends to an epic animal race.
  • Mini-Games: Play fun and casual mini-games such as a Jeopardy style quiz game, fortune tellers and more.


For more information about Tales Runner, visit the game's official website. To get the game via Steam, check out the Tales Runner Steam page.


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