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Expanding Cities and Terrain for 2007

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Atriarch opens new cities and land development.

Atriana Globalization: world building & Atriarch cities... The Tyrusin Region of Pallidrost has been our default "test & demo" location. It is home of the Arena of Foreign Apprenticeship and is the preferred ecosystem of the Dubo Plant. The Dubo is an ice plant harvested to build the Dubosek architecture seen in the area, for example, the player-built Tyrusin Guard Tower seen in many screenshots. Pallidrost is a good area for use during our internal testing and demo-ing because it is small enough to be contained (a few kilometers), yet large enough try new features within an Atriana landscape. While it will remain our main test area, we are expanding the world to include Drasius (Eshlar Port City), Orescent (Lokai Desert City & Capitol), and the Cavolon Foreign Embassy in the Swamps.

In the past, each of these cities were a demo/test area in and of themselves. It made everything simpler for us that way. Now, we are moving these regions all to the same globe (Atriana) rather than their own individual test globes. This is a significant move considering the world is a true curved globe with six degrees of seemless terrain and movement.

This is an exciting progress contributing toward the globalization of aliens.

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