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Exoprimal Adds 10 New Alpha Exosuits, Over 30 Modules, and More in Title 1 Update

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The Title 1 update for Exoprimal has landed, and it brings 10 new exosuits, more than 30 new modules, and a free gift skin for all.

If you've been enjoying Capcom's recent Dinosaur slaying game, the update is now live on all platforms. The 10 new exosuit variants have different weapon loadouts that you can use to customize your experience even further. The variants have different weapon loadouts that are separate from the standard suits, so if you like a particular suit and you want to change things up a bit, now they've added some more options. The update adds 34 new modules that will let you customize your Exosuits.  Many of these new modules are applicable to any exosuit but some are for particular suits.

The 10 variant Exosuits include things like the Barrage Alpha Rocket Hop. This version has a rocket launcher, which you can charge for extra damage and explosions. True to its title, the explosions will also let you leap up into the air for a different vantage point. The Vigilant Alpha: Marksman is a more maneuverable version with a semi auto rifle. You can fire a single fire projectiles, with one out of every few shots dealing extra damage. The Witch Doctor Alpha: Duality Beam suit fires energy beams that heal your allies and hurt your enemies. If a beam stays in contact with that target, the effect is stronger, whether it's offense or defense. Good for team strategies.

These are just a few of the examples of the variants available that you can use in the main game mode, Dino Survival, and in Savage Gauntlet. To unlock all of these new variant suits for free, just level the base version of the suit to level 20.  It’s an added value to playing the game and working with the suits you like.

The update gifts a free Skywave Egret skin to celebrate more than a million players joining up.

Capcom will support seasonal updates, with the second season starting in October and season 3 beginning in January. January's season will feature new Beta variant exosuits, a Neo Triceratops boss, and a crossover with Monster Hunter.

Head to Exoprimal for more.


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