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Exile Con Livestream Details Revealed

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile’s ExileCon live stream details have been revealed in a new forum post, detailing when, where, and how long it will be.

The stream starts on November 16 at 10a New Zealand time with a pre-show. The keynote is set to run for an hour in length, followed by additional content over the next two days.

You’ll be able to watch on Twitch, and the team is currently looking into additional platforms. During the stream, 3.9.0 and the 4.0.0 expansions will be announced along with gameplay footage. Additional announcements include:

  • Dedicated talks that dive deeply into the contents of both 3.9.0 and 4.0.0, in more detail than the keynote.
  • A live gameplay demo of some 4.0.0 content.
  • Prominent community streamers hosting panels and interviewing developers (schedule to be announced in the coming weeks)
  • The ExileCon racing finale, where four top racers from our community compete for prizes.

Learn more here.


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