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Executive Producer Speaks on Revival as Tactical MOBA

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The RTSGuru team caught up with Scot Lane, the Executive Producer on End of Nations to chat about the game's complete revamping and revival as a F2P Tactical MOBA. Read on for some info on the changes.

RTSGuru: Now, one of the biggest standout changes that everyone is talking about is End of Nations’ changed genre. What do you mean by “MOBA RTS,” and what changes can people who played in your betas, or closely followed the first game, expect?

You are right, there is a lot of talk about the genre change, but to clarify, the game hasn’t changed as much as it sounds like.  We’ve made the game more hero focused, and the biggest change would be tactical leveling.  A big concern we had previously was that battles and tactics didn’t really change because everyone was exactly the same at the beginning and end.  The addition of tactical leveling opens up lots of different strategies throughout a battle.  Combat is very similar but faster, and we’ve made a lot of changes to the UI.   We don’t feel we drastically changed the game at its core, we brought what we felt were the best parts up to the surface and removed some stuff that wasn’t working. 

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