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Excape From Tarkov's Latest Update, Streets Of Tarkov, Released, Twitch Drops Incoming

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Escape From Tarkov's latest patch brings with it big changes to the co-op extraction looter, including a wipe, improvements to the co-op PvE mode, and new content called Streets of Tarkov.

The main affair is the new Streets of Tarkov content, bringing a new section of the city to the extraction looter. The new content can be found at the intersection of Primorsky Ave and Klimov St and includes a new hotel, factory, residential complex, car dealership, and more to explore and loot. 

For those playing in the co-op PvE mode, you'll also notice some changes, with the mode getting some new settings to toggle energy and water drain effects. This will effectively disable water drain and exhaustion unless those are incurred by using other items that would normally affect those stats. You can also now toggle the difficulty of bots, which was only available in the solo offline mode before.

Escape from Tarkov is also celebrating the New Year with some Twitch drops. Starting today and running through the 8th of January, players will be able to earn the drops by watching the official Battlestate Games stream. A full calendar of events and according to the news post on the official website, all Tarkov streams will have drops enabled without exception. 


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