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Ex-BioWare Mass Effect Head Casey Hudson Announces Humanoid Studios

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mass Effect director and former BioWare veteran Casey Hudson has announced his newest endeavor – an independent studio called Humanoid Studios.

If you recall, Anthem wasn’t exactly a rolling success. In fact, the launch and subsequent content and balance drought really didn’t do it much favors. (Its reboot was then subsequently cancelled). Eventually, this led to several veterans at BioWare departing the studio. Mark Darrah was one such person, Casey Hudson was the other major departure.

At the time, Casey posted,

“Well friends, after nearly 20 total years with BioWare including 3 years as Studio GM, the time has come for me to move on and make way for the next generation of studio leaders.”

It seems he’s been working away at his next adventure, setting up independent studio Humanoid Studios. On Twitter, Casey wrote the studio intends to “unleash the creative freedom of developers.”

Humanoid Studios has an official page as well with some more information, albeit scant at the time being. The blurb reads,

“We believe in hiring great people, empowering them with the best tools and a supportive environment, and providing them the creative freedom to do their best work. We are building something special, and we invite you to join us.”

Humanoid Studios appears to be hiring as well for several positions including:

  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Gameplay Designer
  • Director of Operations
  • Creative Director
  • Environment Artist
  • Level Designer
  • 3D Artist

You can check out the official site here, which also includes the links to each position and information on how to apply if you’re interested.


Poorna Shankar