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Evolution goes live!

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Near Death Studios, Inc., the developers of the independent multi-player online roleplaying game Meridian(tm) 59, is proud to announce the latest update on their client software and the recent release of Meridian 59: Evolution. This update includes a new hardware-accelerated 3D graphics engine featuring a high resolution display, texture filtering, dynamic colored lighting, and many new special effects. In addition, many interface changes have improved the game, including the addition of the mouse look to ensured a more responsive control, rebindable keys, and hot keys that are saved per-character.

Meridian 59 is a player vs. player (PvP) focused game, allowing players to fight between themselves. Flexible skill-based character advancement allows players to create individual characters to take into the balanced PvP combat situations in a nearly lag-free environment. This latest update enhances the gameplay and is free to all subscribers.

Near Death Studios is also excited to extend the opportunity to take advantage of a month of play time to explore and enjoy a trial version of Meridian 59: Evolution during the entire month of November. Players will enjoy increased advancement rates on the trial server, as well as the unique quests, events, and PvP contests found on the regular servers. After the trial players can subscribe to the full version of Meridian 59 for only $10.95 per month with no sign-up fees or box to buy.

Both new and returning Meridian 59 players enjoy a original high-fantasy setting with familiar and original monsters, spells, and equipment. The game's chat features allow players to converse within the tight knit in-game community of friendly, dedicated players and veteran game administrators.

As a special bonus, on Saturday, November 13th the developers of Meridian 59 will be on the trial server running special events for people who have signed up for the trial. The event will take place at 2 PM Pacific (5 PM Eastern and 11 PM GMT), afterwards the developers will be on hand to a talk with the players and answer questions about the past, present, and future of Meridian 59.

Take advantage of the free trial playtime offer by going to http://www.meridian59.com/M59-Trial-Signup.php.

Information about the new client, including a list of new features http://www.meridian59.com/M59-NewClient-01.shtml

More information about Meridian 59: Evolution can be found at http://www.meridian59.com/


Craig McGregor