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Evidence of Microtransactions in ToS?

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Some of the gumshoes in the Star Wars: The Old Republic community have dug up some interesting language in the Terms of Service agreement included with the application of the recently announced Game Testing program. The language present in the agreement may allude to the existence of an in-game shop aka microtransactions in The Old Republic.

Sections H-K of the Game Testing Terms & Conditions are the particularly curious sections of the agreement, making mention of "points" and a "Game store".

A screen cap of the aforementioned section of the agreement can be viewed below:

Section H states that "all points acquired during the Game program are non-refundable and have no monetary value".

In Section K, you'll find the agreement pretty explicitly mentions a "Game store".

Of course, BioWare has not officially announced anything along these lines, so while this evidence is certainly convincing it is by no means a direct confirmation that The Old Republic will indeed make use of microtransactions.

Via DarthHater.

Handled responsibly would you be willing to play Star Wars: The Old Republic with the inclusion of microtransactions, either as the sole method of payment or as a supplement/alternative to a paid subscription option? Let us know in the comments below!


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