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Everyone's a Winner

Jon Wood Posted:
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Dark Solstice has taken a rather unconventional road in deciding the winners of their most recent contest. The contest itself was to creat-aquest for the game. Rather than name a small number of winners, the development team has awarded the victory to all of the participants.


Design A Quest Contest Winners

Even though there were few entries, selecting one or more that were a good fit with the game has been difficult. We felt that there were entries that certainly have creative content, and most were well thought out. However, as defined, they were not an easy fit.

So, we have decided that we will incorporate parts of many of the Quest ideas into those going into the game. In doing so, it was a unanimous decision to name actual Quests after all of those that took the time to participate. You are all winners.

Even though we will not do this often, for this contest, every entry has become a contest winner. Please submit the character name you wish us to use in naming the future Quests. Just so you know, we do not feel this in any way diminishes your efforts, we really like the concepts. Thanks for participating.

Well done.
The Dark Solstice Team

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Jon Wood