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Eververse Additions to Destiny 2 Cause Concern

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like Destiny 2’s Eververse is causing concern amongst players again after adding over $220 worth of microtransactions into the store.

According to PC Gamer, almost 50 items have been added into the Eververse for the Dawning event. Some of these “items” are actually bundles which themselves contain yet more items. Additionally, it looks like not all of these items are actually new, with some more being class-specific items. In total, it’s about 26,000 Silver, the premium currency. This equates to around $220.

Naturally, this has raised concern with the community, with one such Reddit post titled, “Events in Y3 Don't Feel Like Events Anymore, They Feel Like Limited Time Eververse Offerings.” The post reads,

“Right now the only new gear you can earn by actually playing Destiny is 1. The SMG and 2. The Alpine Dash sparrow. Everything else is in Eververse which is >20 new items.... That's a 1:10 ratio...

It feels like these events are not designed as events anymore but as cash infusions designed to capitalize on limited time offerings. To the point about bright dust being available through bounties: consider just how many bounties need to be done to accumulate enough BD to afford one armor set and let's say an ornament or two?”

It continues,

“There is nothing new or interesting that the event offers either. I am not sure why these events have not continued to evolve over each years iteration - especially if Bungies expectation is for players to spend Silver or Bright Dust every year. I'm sick of the Eververse focus and I'm sick of the bounty loop this game demands of me to buy any event items without spending real money on it.”

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