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Everspace 2 Receives New Demo Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Everspace 2, the single-player space shooter from Rockfish Games, is set to receive a new demo today. Here are the details.

This new demo contains a ton of polish and improvements made to Everspace 2 over the past several months. It’s currently available on Steam and includes a significant portion of the first star system, Ceto.

Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games, noted in the press release,

“As a 100% self-funded veteran indie dev, maximum transparency with our fans has always been at the very center of our communication. As said many times before, we have a super strong vision about the game our team is passionate about making, and we’re fully committed to the promises we made in our Kickstarter campaign.”

The content of this demo is demo is content-gated. However, it will offer you access to the first five main missions, two side missions, and many random encounters. Additionally, save games will carry over from the demo to the Early Access version. This means if you want to continue your adventures into the full game, you can do just that.

The team also teased their fourth star system, the Khaït Nebula, which includes new alien life forms and more. The Autumn update will raise player cap, add new player perks, and add several new chapters to the game.

Recently, Everspace 2 showed off their latest star system, Zharkov, in the Vortex update. Prior to that, the title received a new boss, companion, story missions, music, and more.


Poorna Shankar